Hakan Yel was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1968 and has a degree in archaeology and art history.

* 2005 His first thriller, "Sultana Dokunmak" (Touching the Sultan) was published
* 2006 "Lokanta" (The Diner)
* 2007 "Her Seyi Satarim Ruhum Haric" (I Sell Everything Except My Soul)
* 2008 "Rüzgar Ekenler" (Those Who Sow Wind)
* 2011 His novels have been published in Bulgaria, Romania and Egypt.
* "Sekiz Numarali Vurucu" (Shooter No. 8)
* 2012 "Her Seyi Satarim Ruhum Haric 2" (I Sell Everything Except My Soul II)
* 2013 His latest novel "GAM" (Sorrow) was published
* 2019 "BİR DAHA"



  • Bir Daha


    He was one of those who came back after he was gone. Only his love kept him sane... An accident shaking his entire world and showing Ali Riza a realm, he couldn't even imagine. Now, he's neither amongst the living nor the dead... His son, all alone where he left him. So, when he's in the purgatory, he refuses to accept his fate. But there is a price for everything. Once More: life, death, purgatory, fate and a journey through a new poetic and magical life...

  • GAM


    While a change of business sector is often seen as a reason for trauma in our business lives, Hakan Yel has switched between ten different sectors. Currently, he is working in three different sectors simultaneously. Now, he explains in his own words how to survive such a traumatic career using examples from his daily (business) life.



    The war in the southeast of Turkey has been lasting for 30 years and aroused a lot of interest in the private sector.

    Highly placed politicians from the opposition plead for a privatisation of the safety measures because the state is not capable of the situation in their eyes.

    The government supports a multinational company which developed units with superhuman powers and penetrates to withdraw the army from the region.

    The military leadership is less than enthusiastic but their hands are tied because an airplane with all the information about the terrorists’ network crashed in Iran.

    This information shall be salvaged by a unit. Everybody is sure that the mission will be accomplished.

    However, nobody could have suspected that the unit no. 8 could develop a consciousness before the liquidations.



    It is 1915, and the Ottoman Empire is fighting on many different fronts even as it struggles against partisan gangs that have plunged eastern Anatolia into chaos. In a remote part of Erzurum province people continue living ordinary lives in the Turkish village of Çiğdemli and the Armenian village of Armanlı. That is, until one day partisans burn down the nearby village of Ulya.

    When the people of Çiğdemli arrive in Ulya to help they see Ironmaster Hacik’s dagger on a dead body. Hacik is from Armanlı, and tensions arise between the two villages. Some people from Çiğdemli want to punish Armanlı, but the old people object and suggest they first wait for the results of the gendarme’s investigation. Hüseyin Ağa’s son Aksak Osman take matters into his own hands by conducting a raid on Armanlı with two accomplices. They kill the priest Zaven and his daughter Sara. Then they burn down the church and escape back to Çiğdemli.

    Violence breaks out when little Berco tells the villagers of Armanlı what he he has seen. Haçik visits Çiğdemli and returns to Armanlı with Hüseyin Ağa to show him the two bodies. Hüseyin Ağa questions his son Aksak Osman. When Osman confesses, he and his partners in crime are handed over to Armanlı.

    Meanwhile, partisans decide to kill Derviş, a mysterious figure who is considered a holy man by both villages. Their first attempt is a failure. Two partisans regret the attempt as a sin and flee to Armanlı to confess the plot. The people of Armanlı people in turn inform Çiğdemli about the situation. Both villages believed that bad luck and drought will hit the area if Derviş is killed, so they decide to protect Derviş together.

    Meanwhile, an illicit affair between the Armenian Vanes and married Turkish woman Güzin’s secret love is discovered. First, the men of the villages wanted to banish Vanes. When Vanes finds out, he and Güzin run away. They are stopped and killed by partisans. Both villages decide to bury them on a hill between the two villages. Due to the scarcity of food in the region, the state has decided to relocate some of the villages to more productive lands. The people of Çiğdemli and Armanlı don’t accept this and hatch a plan to make it appear that the two villages are one. They manage to convince the government inspector of this and no one is forced to leave their land.

    Chapter 1 in Italian Chapter 1 in Italian



    At a time when social violence is at its peak, the streets of Istanbul are abounding in criminals. The police forces are unable to prevent the high rate of crime, and the vacuum in public order has already reached a threatening level. The media claims the police overlooks the violence on purpose with the aim of setting the “issue of security” as the principal agenda of the country. In this way, they say, the police will force the government to provide them with better living conditions.

    On the other hand, the police forces claim that the violent acts of crime are encouraged by the intelligence units who want to take control of the streets.

    Police Chief Ali, who strives to do his job as well as he can in this chaotic atmosphere, also tries to cope with the pain crises his wife Fazilet suffers. One day, during one of these pain crises, the words “Mea Culpa” pour out of Fazilet’s mouth. The Police Chief, who first does not understand what these words mean, is summoned to a crime site the same day. The words “Mea Culpa” have been written on the victim.

    As the bloodcurling murders continue, Fazilet forecasts each murder, causing the ordinary life of the family to change dramatically. While the Police Chief trails the murderer he fails to catch, he also tries to comprehend the consequences of the violence ruling over the streets. When it comes out that all the victims were rapists, the public begins to honor the unknown murderer as a hero.

    The killing of the Chief’s family causes him to lose his belief in the system, of which he used to be a part of. From that moment on, all he wants is to take the revenge of his murdered wife and daughter and to be reunited with them. Accepting all the risks, he decides to ask the help of the murderer. In order to find him, he asks for the assistance of a doctor cencerned with alternative medicine.

    The murderer who acts upon mysterious powers answers the call of the police chief. Thus, the chief becomes the person to establish divine justice.



    Istanbul is shaken by a series of murders targeting imams – Muslim prayer leaders. The violence of these murders attracts public attention. The fact that all of the victims are imams cause people to suspect that the murders are related to a specific tariqa. In the same period, a substantial amount of arms are purchased in Northern Iraq. The purchase of the arms by two old men from Istanbul alert the Israeli and Turkish intelligence departments that survey the region on a continuous basis.

    The secret agents who follow the arms purchase direct their search to Istanbul when the two old men who actually purchased the arms are killed. All this activity is monitored by a special unit within the Turkish state.

    The Israeli intelligence department wants to find out what is going on in Istanbul. A female agent called Helin, who has been on the wait in Istanbul for a long time, is assigned this duty. While Helin is investigating the imam killings, she happens to pinpoint the traces of the Sadiki tariqa. In the meantime, she meets Selim by coincidence. A relationship begins to develop between thw two. However, when some members of the tariqa kill Helin who suspects them, Selim decides to take revenge on the death of the woman whom he loved.

    Selim, who leads an ordinary life, is in fact on the “most dangerous 1001 Turks” list of the Turkish intelligence and will be followed until the end of his life. His psychic powers, which he has rejected and suppressed all his life, are stirred with the death of his lover.

    Turan Hodja, the second most important man of the Sadiki tariqa, incites a commotion in public life with the terrorist attacks he organizes. On the other hand, the revival of the sultanate is discussed by the media as a possible solution of the ongoing anarchy.

    The members of the national intelligence are terribly worried when ordinary terrorists acts indicate the presence of a tariqa that aims to change the mode of government. After the governors of Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara are assasinated, a chase starts in the entire country. However, it is not possible to catch Turan Hodja through usual methods. Thus, the Turkish intelligence department decides to appoint Selim to fulfill this task.



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